grege is the proud distributor for The Scottish Leather Group in Japan.

The group comprises two leather brands as follows:

Andrew Muirhead and Son

Andrew Muirhead has been producing fine quality leather since 1840, and today is exported to over 60 countries. The company is renowned for quality, service and environmental awareness.

They are the world’s biggest supplier of leather to the global aviation industry, supplying over 130 airlines and aircraft manufacturers and also produce leathers for other transport, domestic, commercial, corporate and specialist uses.



The Bridge of Weir Leather Company Limited

Luxury and specialist leather exported to over 60 countries worldwide and a supplier to the world’s premier automotive makers for over 100 years. Bridge of Weir is a pioneer in innovative, sustainable and tailor-made solutions in leather production.

1905 年に設立された、歴史と伝統をもつスコットランドの老舗本革メーカーです。高品質で高性能な牛革は、主に高級車、家具、列車、飛行機でも使用されています。


Low Carbon Leather

The Scottish Leather Group is a pioneer of low carbon leather. Environmental issues are increasingly important, leading to more and more “Green Standards”, yet until now ISO14000 has been the most exacting measure of environmental commitment. The Scottish Leather Group is proud to hold this comprehensive award, however, it just isn’t enough.

The Scottish Leather Group decided to go one step further.


アンドリュー・ミュアヘッド・アンド・サンは、スコティッシュ・レザー・ グループの一員として、最近、プロセス廃棄物を製造過程で使用するエネル ギーにリサイクルする、皮革産業唯一の熱エネルギー発電所に610万ポンド を投資しました。



  • 2004年以来、当社は、各皮革 からの二酸化炭素排出量を46 %削減
  • 当社の埋め立て廃棄物を60% 以上削減
  • 消費量を上回る発電量(合成 ガスおよびオイルで)
  •  毎年3万トンの廃棄物と16万 キロの距離に及ぶ埋立てを回 避

What is Low Carbon Leather?

It’s a product of our commitment to the environment and to sustainability. It’s a product of our investment in research into new cleaner tanning technologies and production processes. It’s a product of our policy to reducing hide miles by sourcing hides within 300 miles of the factory.

It is a leather that so far exceeds all the existing Green standards that a new standard has had to be created for it.

It is the new standard for low carbon leather. And it applies to all Muirhead leathers.

Want More? 

  • ISO 14001:2004 accreditation for improved management and corporate social responsibility.
  • Carbon Trust Award for Outstanding Achievement in Energy Efficiency 2006.
  • Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) cut more than three years ahead of target.
  • Carbon footprint reduced year on year.
  • Recycling – Publicly Acceptable Standard 100 achieved.

See a video of Low Carbon Leather in action, and see how the Scottish Leather Group has pioneered a unique system to not only recycle all of its waste, but also to dramatically reduce the amount of water needed in leather production, and finally, to virtually eliminate industrial waste going to landfill.