Andrew Muirhead

Andrew Muirhead – Fine Scottish Leather

Andrew Muirhead has been producing fine quality leather since 1840. Today, their leather is exported to over 60 countries, and the company is world renowned for its focus on quality, service and environmental awareness.

Andrew Muirhead is the world’s biggest supplier of leather to the global aviation industry, supplying over 130 airlines and aircraft manufacturers, while also producing leathers for other transport, domestic, commercial, corporate and specialist uses.

It is their commitment to quality that has kept Europe’s oldest tannery at the forefront of the leather industry. They produce high-performance quality leathers from hides reared through a unique blend of animal husbandry and fertile grazing, predominantly in Scotland. Access to the finest raw materials allows them provide customers with consistently high quality.

Andrew Muirhead is part of the Scottish Leather Group; a privately owned company with five specialist subsidiaries aiming is to achieve the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality, and uses its experience and technology to understand customer needs and develop new products designed specifically to meet those needs.

Andrew Muirhead and Son’s low carbon leather meets strict global performance and safety standards:

  • BS 6853 Cat 1B & Cat 2
  • DIN 5510
  •  NF F16 – 101 – M2 & F3
  • UNE23.727
  • AS3827 & FE027

Direct sourcing of local hide supplies provides quality assurance & traceability throughout the manufacturing process. With a long and established pedigree in Rail, Bus and Coach, Aviation, Automotive, Marine, Furniture, Architecture and Interior Design sectors, Andrew Muirhead’s fully sustainable, lightweight, genuine leather offers:

  • Improved comfort & hygiene in all climates
  • Durable performance, superior aesthetic & tactile qualities
  • Economical maintenance & reduced lifetime costs for first and standard class seating
  • Enhanced passenger experience
  • Weight savings of up to 33% with Voyager rail leather in comparison to standard leather

Andrew Muirhead(アンドリュー・ミュアヘッド)は1840年以来、優れた技術で高品質な牛革を生産しています。主に、家具、自動車内装、列車、航空機で使用されています。航空機シェアは世界一で、130社以上の航空会社、航空機メーカーに革を供給しています。

Andrew Muirheadは、 Scottish Leather Groupに属しています。

Scottish Leather Groupとは、下記の5社で構成されています。
Andrew Muirhead & Son Limited、Bridge of Weir Leather Company Limited 、NCT Leather Limited 、SLG Technology Limited、W J & W Lang Limited

Andrew Muirhead & Son社の 低炭素皮革は、厳格な国際実施基準および安全基準に適合:

  • BS 6853 Cat 1B & Cat 2
  • DIN 5510
  • NF F16 – 101 – M2 & F3
  • UNE23.727
  • AS3827 & FE027

地元皮革供給業者からの直接調達が、品質保証と全製造工程でトレ ーサビリティを確実なものとしています。

鉄道、路線バス、長距離バス、航空機、自動車、船舶、家具、建造 物、インテリアデザイン分野における長く、確立された社歴。


  • あらゆる気候で快適さと清潔さを高める
  • 優れた耐久性、高級な美感と触感
  • 経済的な維持費、一等および普通客席の生涯コストを削減
  • 乗り心地を増進
  • ヴォイジャ-列車用皮革は、一般皮革に比べ最大33%まで重量 軽減


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Muirhead Leatherの本革カラーガイド見本帳 (公共輸送機関用)
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